3 June 2014

Well... Yesterday Google unveiled Android 4.4.3 which is supposed to fix a number of bugs in 4.4.2 and bring along some improvements....

The update is available via OTA Update for the Nexus 7 (WiFi Only) 2013 devices. The factory images for all the Nexus devices (which recieved 4.4.2) are available for download but we suggest you wait for the OTA updates to hit your devices, as flashing these factory images will lead to a complete Factory reset and you'll loose all your precious data.

To check for the 4.4.3 Update on your Nexus 7:
1) Go to Settings
2) Then System Update.
3) Check for update.
4) The update file should start downloading and you'll be notified once the download is complete
5) Its done your device will be tasting the latest update.

So go ahead, grab the update :)


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