10 August 2014

Moto G White Grip Shell Unboxing and Review

I purchased the Moto G White Grip Shell from Flipkart and in my view it's the ultimate way to protect your device and it doesn't add a lot of thickness to the device. It looks like it can take a number of bumps and falls easily. The white color isn't as rubberized as the stock shell (to prevent the shell from getting dirty) but provides a good grip and premium feel to the device and it's easily cleanable.

The black and white color combination gives the device a STORM TROOPER look and I have to say I'm in love with this color combination. The cutouts are super precise and that's what I expect when a manufacturer creates their own cases/cover. The volume rocker and the power button are also covered with the rubberized material, the power button has a design over it and I think the buttons now feel more sturdy and provide a better feedback.

I would recommend this Grip Shell to anyone looking for a great way to protect their devices from those SCARY bumps and falls :D

Here are the links to the device and the cover:
Moto G : Click Here

Moto G White Grip Shell: Click Here

Here's my unboxing and review video:

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Enjoy :) 


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