27 September 2014

1TB External Storage.. No Root Required !!!!

Stuck with fixed internal storage ?? Ever felt you need more space ??


Well then you are just like me..  There is a way to get external storage if you need. I've been suffering from sleeplessness (insomnia) recently and being honest this insomnia phase is great, I feel like I don't need to sleep and I could work 24x7. The initial days were tough, all I did was had my eyes closed, headphones plugged in, the lights turned off and I pictured perfect scenarios of life.. That's when I encountered this thought, I felt as if my music collection wasn't complete I needed more songs and then came the storage issues.

So I took my On-The-Go (OTG) cable, took my external HDD (1TB capacity) connected them to my device and I failed. The HDD didn't work with my device. So I took a tour of the mighty INTERNET and searched all around and found out that an external HDD won't work with any android device because the microUSB port doesn't provide the required amount of power a HDD needs to work... I was disappointed ... But connected the HDD once again and noticed that it started blinking it's indicators, thank god I had the lights turned off so I could see it blinking.. So I saw that my HDD was getting the required amount of power and realized that Android doesn't support NTFS by default and my HDD was formatted to NTFS and I would not format it to FAT32..

So I took a tour again and found out that you need to root your device in order to get NTFS support. Well I wasn't gonna root my device so I searched the play store thoroughly for some apps.
Thanks to my INSOMNIA Phase I didn't feel sleepy at all, it was 3:30 AM and I found out the apps that I would need. Finally I had it all figured out and I was able to use my HDD with my MOTO G.

Let's get started: 


1) Android Device with OTG support.
2) OTG cable.
3) External HDD (I have a WD MyPassport Ultra 1TB)
4) Total Commander app, and Total Commander USB Plug-in(Available for free in the Play Store)


Step 1.
 Get your Device and HDD ready. I used a Moto G Gen1 and a WD MyPassport Ultra 1TB HDD.
OTG Cable

WD MyPassport Ultra 1TB

Moto G Gen1

HDD Cable

Step 2.
Go to the Play Store and install Total Commander and Total Commander USB Plugin. Links at the end of the post.

Step 3.
 Connect your HDD to your OTG cable and the OTG cable's microUSB end to your android device.
 The setup should look like this:

The Setup
Step 4.
You should notice that your Hard disk's indicator should light up.
Powered Up HDD

 Then unlock your device and open the USB Plug-in that you installed. It should show you that your HDD is connected and you can tick the check box if you need to enable the "Write Mode".

Step 5.
Now click the "Open Total Commander" option in the menu and you should be able to access your HDD. The UI is a little bit on the older style side but still it gets the job done..

Here are the Links to the required stuff:
1) Total Commander app
2) Total Commander USB Plugin
3) microUSB OTG Cable
4) WD MyPassport Ultra 1TB

I hope this works for you. If you liked it, hit the like button, comment and share if you feel this is worth sharing.
Thanks, enjoy !!!


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