2 March 2012

The Top 10 Most Useful Android Apps

 The apps library is so vast that it's sometimes hard to keep track of. For newcomers and veterans of Android alike, there are some apps that just need to be downloaded. We've cataloged ten of the most useful apps available for Android today.

Google Music

Google Music is both an app and a service. By downloading the app, you get a beautiful music player that can access your locally stored music and quickly create and manage playlists. By using the free Google Music service, you can upload your songs and stream them. You'll no longer have to waste your phone's storage on music, and streaming is available over 3G or Wi-Fi with the option to save songs or albums for offline playback.

Astro File Manager

As far as utility apps go, file managers are a necessity. Astro File Manager lets you move, copy, archive and rename files quickly. The interface was recently redesigned and now resembles a desktop computer, making it easier for most users to navigate. You won't use Astro every day, but there will be a time where you want to copy something from your SD card to your internal memory or rename a file. When that happens, you'll be glad you have Astro.

Handcent SMS

The stock text messaging app for Android is a little bare, and equipment manufacturers don't always improve this even though they do their best. Handcent SMS brigns a few benefits to the tablet. First, it allows for personalized alerts for different people. Second, it lets you customize the entire look of the interface. Although by default it closely mimics the look of the iPhone's messaging app, you can easily change the colors and wallpaper to make it yours.

Words With Friends

Some of the most useful apps are games, and Words With Friends is one of them. The app might be the ultimate entertainment outlet for Android, letting you play a game that's similar to Scrabble with people you know or complete strangers. It's fun and it lets you message opponents for free. Overall, it helps keep you in touch with the people you care about, and isn't that what a phone is for?


Pandora's just too amazing of an app to describe in one paragraph. Pandora lets you:
  1. Stream music for free.
  2. Discover new artists and songs based on what you already like.
  3. Create personalized "radio stations" to listen to.
  4. Quickly purchase songs you enjoy.
And much more. The Pandora app for Android also includes a widget for quick access to the service. The best part of all? It's free.


Dropbox is a cloud-based file locker. Photos, videos, documents, and just about anything else can be stored in your Dropbox account. The service is free, and once your files are on Dropbox, you can access them from a web browser or the app. With Dropbox installed on your phone, you'll never have to worry about copying files back and forth between your phone and computer again. Just sync them to your Dropbox account and you're set.

Google Voice

Google Voice is yet another amazing app from Google. The app gives you a second phone number for users to call or text, letting you have a work number and a home number without paying for a separate phone. You ever get free texting with your Google Voice number, allowing you to remove text messaging from your cell carrier's plan if you choose. Another great feature of Google Voice is its ability to act as your voicemail carrier, giving you free visual voicemail and transcription for any voicemails left on your Google Voice number or your main number.

TuneIn Radio

It's 2012, and we have satellite radio as well as apps like Pandora to keep us entertained. But what happens if you have a favorite radio show that you want to listen to? TuneIn Radio lets you listen to streaming feeds of local radio stations from just about anywhere in the world. It's a handy app, especially for listening to local radio shows that don't offer their own apps.


WidgetLocker lets you customize your phone's lock screen. With the latest update, you can now add and replace elements from popular lock screens such as the ones found on the Android 4.0, HTC devices and the iPhone. WidgetLocker also lets you add widgets to your phone's lock screen, so you can quickly add a music or weather widget for fast access to the things you use the most.


If you love music videos, you'll love Vevo. Vevo is the provider for most music videos on YouTube, and the app extends that service to the mobile space. Quickly search for an artist you like, or use the app to find new artists and check out their videos. The app is easy to navigate, allows high quality streaming and is a must-have for anyone who loves music.

Ten apps, all bringing unique benefits to users. If you're looking to supercharge your Android phone, just give one of these apps a shot. Chances are you'll find something you love!


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