22 February 2015

Everyone who has been using Google Now could jump into the Phone Settings to turn ON/OFF WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. But there was no way to do it with just your voice - using a voice command would take you to the correct settings but you had to tap to turn it ON/OFF or sometimes it would end up searching the web. I hated that and stopped using Google Now for toggling settings ON/OFF.

Good News !! If you are running the latest version of android i.e. Lollipop and the latest version of the Search app then the above mentioned problem is GONE and you can toggle settings with your voice. 

This was first discovered by Android Police, the feature works with the built-in flashlight, WiFi and Bluetooth. Other features like GPS, Airplane Mode, volume or tethering don't seem to work in our testing. For the 3 features that work you get a confirmation and a card that let's you toggle the feature back ON/OFF with a tap along with some details. For eg; the Bluetooth card shows you the list of Bluetooth devices and the WiFi card shows you the WiFi networks that are available.


This feature is currently supported only on devices running Lollipop, I don't know why Google is taking so long to roll out such basic functionality to Google Now, given that it allows users to take pictures, play songs from Play Music or YouTube etc with their voice.  

Let's see how long Google takes to roll out this feature to devices running older versions of android. Are you able to use this feature on a device running an older version of android? Leave a comment below in the comment section. If you found this post useful or think this would help someone you know please fell free to share or +1 this post.



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