18 May 2014

How to Speed Up Chrome On Android ?

There are many android devices out there these days. Some of them are the top of the line and some are for the people on a tight budget. But one thing is common, these devices have at least 1GB of ram. The experience on the budget devices such as the Moto G is pleasant thanks to the decent hardware.
We all browse the internet using different browsers on our Android devices and the commonly used browser is Google Chrome. But the problem starts when we open up a number of different tabs, the scrolling gets laggy and the speed goes down. Well this happens because, by default Google Chrome is assigned 128MB of RAM.

How do we fix this ?

Follow the steps below:

1) Open Chrome.

2) Open a new tab.

3) Type in the following command:

Then the following screen should appear

  4) Then click on Default and the following screen should pop up:

 5) Then select the desired amount 128MB / 256MB/ 512MB. Then tap on the Relaunch now button when  it pops up and you are done.

That's it,
Enjoy a smoother and faster experience on Google Chrome on your android device. Enjoy! 


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