30 November 2014

OnePlus One to ship without Cyanogenmod

We all know what a great device the OnePlus One is..  It was named as the flagship killer,  it has a great price point, had great specs and it shipped with Cyanogenmod.. 

The OnePlus One is coming to India and will be sold exclusively via
I was really excited about the device but here's what took away most of my excitement,  the OnePlus One will not be shipped with Cyanogenmod in India.  That's a bummer,  one of the most important reason people buy the OnePlus One is that it has Cyanogenmod out of the Box. Why would u plan so OnePlus?

Well here's what I have been hearing,  the fault is not from OnePlus's side it's Cyanogen who did this.  Cyanogen announced that it'll be granting it's right to use the OS in India to Micromax.

So what will the device be running when it comes to India? 
The device will have CM but it will not get any updates. OnePlus says that it's putting up their own first community build of the software and it'll be at its final stage in February.  This community build will be based on Android Lollipop,  so it'll be fast,  minimal and lightweight. OnePlus even promises a 2 years update guarantee after the final build is released.  So it looks like the device will be future proof and it'll be a good investment  considering the expected price, specs and looks.. 

So would you still consider buying the OnePlus One when it comes to India?? 
Was Cyanogenmod what you wanted?
Is the OnePlus One still appealing to you as it was earlier?
Feel free to leave a comment below, share.. 


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