11 December 2014

Ghostery : The Browser That You Need !

Have you all been wondering who's watching you while you browse or are you tired of all the ads and pop up messages that arrive when you browse the web.
Well then the solution to your problem is Ghostery.
Ghostery is a browser application that is available in the Play Store and is currently free of cost. It is a great browser and I've been using it for over a week now. It shows you the trackers that a website loads when you are browsing and it allows you to start/pause the blocking whenever needed. The list of trackers shown is accurate and it offers full control over your browsing experience. It allows you to browse without any tension and you feel free and safe.

The UI is pretty simple and minimalistic, its a combination of blue and white. The interface is similar to any other browser out there. There is an area for your link, icon for creating new tabs, a small blue ghost ( will get back to it later ) and 3 vertical dots for various settings such as viewing history, bookmarks, requesting desktop sites etc.

The settings area has 3 sections, GHOSTERY section allows you to toggle ON/OFF auto-update tracker library, block new trackers and various tacker blocking options. The GENERAL settings section allows you to choose the search engine, clear history etc and last the ABOUT section shows you the version, number of trackers etc.

Now lets talk about the small Blue colored GHOST. This blue ghost shows you the trackers that a website is trying to load and allows you to manually allow any tracker if you want. It even allows you to pause blocking and even add a website to the Whitelist. So the center of attraction here is the small blue ghost, this small ghost is everywhere it's even the icon of the browser. It looks cool and performs well..  So good job GHOST !!  You can download the Ad Control app for further control and details.
So GHOSTERY browser is a must have app, you should download it and start using it if you need to see whose tracking you and it's automatic even a non-tech guy can stay safe and can block ads easily.

 Here's the download link for GHOSTERY :
GHOSTERY on Play Store.

GHOSTERY Ad Control on Play Store

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