24 February 2015

Android One Lollipop Roll Out - India

Remember Android One came back to life in the tech world earlier this month with Android 5.1 showing up on Android One devices heading to Indonesia. But what about India?
Android One was supposed to get Nexus-Like updates but here we are waiting for the Lollipop update to hit the android one devices in India.

Don't worry! Remember Caesar Sengupta, Product Management Director at Google said a few weeks back that the roll out has already begun but all android one devices won't get the update at the same time. Well that's true but here's the catch

The android lollipop roll-out will take place on a weekly basis and random One devices will receive the update notification. This is 100% luck but strangely, being connected to a WiFi network improves your chances for the update (As the update is huge in size)

Google hasn't announced whether this update will be Android 5.1 or earlier versions such as 5.0.x

To check for the update go to :
Settings -> About Phone -> System Update

You should see a message (If you are lucky enough) stating that the new system update is available for your device.

Have you received the update yet? Leave your answers or thoughts or suggestions in the comment section below. Feel free to +1 and share my post.
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