20 April 2014

Well everyone loves the Active Notifications (Display) on the Moto X. Its a feature which was not possible to replicate on any other android phone. It required an OLED screen and hence the MOTO G missed it out. Well those days are gone, the developers have found out a way. Any android device running Android 4.4+ can get the feature by simply installing an app from the playstore.
AcDisplay that's the name of the app, it's developed by ACHEP. Its been rated overall 4.3/5 u can go ahead and check it out by following the link below :

I'v used it recently, there are other apps out there too but this one is light on the resources and ain't a battery guzzler.
ACHEP did a great job, u should check it out and tell me how u feel about it in the comment section below.   


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