20 April 2014

Death Tour Review

Well I've been playing death tour on my moto g for a while now.
The game is very well designed. The graphics look crisp and the gameplay is similar to twisted metal or rush.
The only issue I faced with the game was the in game fuel recharge time. One mission = -1 fuel. Well its similar to CSR game series. If they could release a paid version without the fuel wait time then this game would have been a SUPERHIT. (They have a paid version which costs near about 5$)
But somehow this waiting period helps with the going addition and allows the user to keep their phones down for some time. The game is really addicting
The controls are good and its pretty responsive. The variety of weapons is also good.

Overall it's a great game to play and yeah u can buy fuel if u want. Ull love the game if u love games like rush and twisted metal.


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