18 April 2014


The Android OS has got boomed up in the last few years. Its helped the smartphones reach an entirely new level, a level a phone could have never reached without an awesome OS. Thanks Android for changing our lives. 
I encountered a great app recently and it was the CHROME REMOTE DESKTOP app
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Its a great improvement over the other rival apps. This app is totally smooth and time saving too. It is pretty responsive and fast. It doesn't shutter at all. All I need to do is enter the PIN and BOOM i'm connected to my PC and I can see my screen on my mobile. Now whenever i'm sleepy I can keep my laptop away and can use it directly from my bed with my mobile. 
Suppose I have connected my PC with my TV with a HDMI cable all i need to do is sit and perform the functions on my mobile and my work is done be it opening a web page, watching a movie, playing some music and stuff. 
Guess what im writing this review directly from my mobile with my laptop in front connected to my TV. It even has the pinch to zoom feature. 

Here are some screenshots:

I'm in love with this app, I suggest everyone to give it a try. 
I'm a total fan of this app and thanks Google for creating such a wonderful app. 


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