19 April 2014

Doppelganger research


1)      Is German for “Double walker/goer” i.e. a shadow self that is thought to accompany every person.

2)    In fiction and folklore, it’s a paranormal double of a living person. It is also described as seeing oneself and it not being a reflection.

3)      It is sometimes known as a form of bilocation and regarded by some as harbinger of bad luck or death.

4)      Some religions say a doppelganger of a person can be seen only by the people who are close to the person and is supposed to bring illness or death to the person.

5)      It is a kind of phantom traveler which is an exact copy of a person or even an evil twin.


Some true doppelganger encounters in history:

            JOHN DONNE:  He was a 16th century English poet. He was in Paris when a doppelganger visited him. His wife was pregnant at that time. The doppelganger wasn’t his, but it was his wife’s. 
It is said that he saw his wife holding a dead baby in her arms in his encounter. His wife at the same time gave birth to a stillborn child.


 GEORGE TYRON: well known as the Vice-Admiral Sir George Tyron. He was supposed to be sailing in a ship of Mediterranean Squadron, maneuvering off the coasts of Syria. But he was said to be seen, walking through the drawing room of his family home in Eaton Square, London looking straight ahead and not even exchanging a word with anyone present at the party given by his wife 22 June 1893. It was subsequently reported that he died with his ship (HMS Victoria) in a collision with HMS Camperdown because of following an unexplained order of turning in the direction of the other ship.


GUY de MAUPASSANT: was a French novelist and short story writer who claimed that he was haunted by his doppelganger near the time of his death. He said that the doppelganger entered his room, took a seat opposite to him and dictated what Maupassant was writing. He wrote about this experience in his short story “Lui.”


PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY: was an English poet and claimed that he met his doppelganger while on a vacation in Italy. He said that his doppelganger only pointed towards the Mediterranean Sea and did not do anything else. After a short while, Shelley drowned in the Mediterranean in a small boat.


JOHANN WOLFGAN von GOETHE: was a German poet and reports in his autobiography about tow different sightings of his doppelganger. In the 1st encounter he was riding along the road to Drusenheim, having said goodbye to his girlfriend where he saw his double riding towards him wearing a gray suit trimmed with gold. These clothes were completely unfamiliar to him. 8 years later, on another visit t Friedrike, e found himself riding in the same direction as his double. Again his double was wearing the gray suit he had seen him in 8yrs before.


And there are many more…


Well for me things have changed after the dream. I feel that these things are out there, where we live maybe watching us from the behind right now. We just need to believe and keep looking for them and maybe one day we would find out everything that’s hidden to these eyes!



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