4 May 2014

Android 4.4.3 is coming soon ....
HTC developer LlabTooFer said that the HTC One M8 &M8(GPE) users will be getting the update very soon.

LlabTooFer reports that 4.4.3 for GPE and 4.4.3 + Sense 6.0 for M8 have been confirmed for a May-June roll out and are undergoing testing right now.

The One M7 will be getting the 4.4.3 (GPE) and 4.4.2+ sense 6.0  (M7) in the same timeframe.  But the 4.4.3 + Sense 6.0 will take some time. But its confirmed for June-july roll out.
However the Dual Sim M7C will be getting a 4.4.2 + Sense 6.0 in may-june rollout.
HTC Butterfly has been given a small 4.4.2+Sense 6.0 update.

Bad news: the HTC Butterfly, One X, X+ &XL will not get any further updates. 


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