3 August 2014

Whats On My Android July 2014!!

Whats on my android ????????
Well first
 What all Android Devices i'm using ??

1) Moto G
2) Google Nexus 7 Wifi - 2012 

You all might be wondering that these phones are nowhere near the flagship devices out there in terms of performance etc and yeah you are right. These devices ain't the high performance devices but they are in my view the perfect value for money devices out there, they can handle and perform most of the tasks that you throw at them and they are well build. I went off topic !! Hehe, well now let's get back to Whats on my android?

The following are the apps that I'm using this month: 

1) Launcher: (Aviate + Moonshine Icon Pack)
I'm using Aviate because it's clean, ram friendly, functional and simplified + I'm in love with the Dark Theme. I'm using the Moonshine Icon pack because it gives an Android L feel...

    To grab Aviate from the play store Click Here
    To grab Moonshine Icon Pack Click Here.

2) Keyboard: (Android L Keyboard):
 I'm using the Android L Keyboard (I guess I was lucky enough to grab it before it was removed from the store). I'm in love with the minimalist material design and the color scheme + it's different from the others   and I guess using a different keyboard is sometimes pleasant to the eyes.... Well as the keyboards been removed from the store, my second option would be SwiftKey as its free.
To download SwiftKey Click Here.

3) Messaging: (EvolveSMS) :
 EvolveSMS is a great messaging app, I love the concept of the app and its usability. For eg: if i'm reading a text message and I receive a new text, the app asks me if it should load up the new text or not. The navigation from thread to thread is pretty simple + composing a new message is fast and easy as the app already displays your favorite contacts. In my view its a great replacement for the stock messaging app.
It even offers customization options such as different themes, color schemes etc.
To download EvolveSMS Click Here.  

5) Planner: (
 I'm in love with, it allows me to plan my day by simply reminding me of the total number of tasks remaining and gives me options to cancel, snooze or plan. If I select it shows up a beautiful animation which presents me with my tasks and gives me a few option to schedule them. Even if I miss a call, it asks me if I'd like to remind me to call the person later. If i'd like to reject an incoming call, it gives me an option to send a text with custom messages or the ones already present there. I just love it !! 
 To download Click Here

6) Camera (I have 2 apps):
Camera app hmmm, well I'm using the Motorola Camera app (Stock) and the Google Camera app. I use the Motorola Camera for all my usual photographic and video recording needs. I use the Google Camera for the Lens Blur feature when I need it although the other features such as Photo Sphere don't work on the Moto G.

7) Notifications: (Head's Up Notification): 
I'm currently in the frequency of Android 5.0 L, so I am using the Head's up notification app to mimic the notification style in Android L. The notifications appear over the screen and the task you are performing is not interrupted, one can continue with the task he/she is performing and even see the notifications. To dismiss the notification a finger swipe to either left or right does the job and to take perform an action on a particular notification you are provided with a few sets of options. The app basically gets the job done perfectly. It's a must try app if you are in the mood of some Android 5.0 L flavor.
To download Heads Up! Notification Click Here
To download Heads Up! Notification from XDA Click Here 

8) Other Note Worthy Apps:

a) Speakle: ( Share your secrets with anyone anywhere anonymously) To download Click Here

b) Software Data Cable: (Allows you to share files,apps etc by simply creating your device into a WiFi hotspot ) To download Click Here

c) Secrets: (This app was a great hit on the Apple's App Store, it's on android and it's a great hit here too. It is used to share secrets, your friends like it, it spreads and so on!!) To download Click Here 

d) TuneIn Radio ( As the name suggests it's a Radio Service, it allows you to choose from a huge number of international channels and it's great) To download Click Here

e) IFTTT (This app puts the internet to work for you, eg: lets you know if it will rain tomorrow, it changes your profile photo on twitter when u change it on facebook and so on. The capability is unlimited). To download Click Here

Well this is What's on My Android July 2014. If you have any thoughts leave them in the comment section below and let me know whats on your android ?? 
What's on My Android August comes next month so stay tuned and Happy Androiding !!  Enjoy.


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