22 April 2014

Android 4.5/5 All that u need to know

Android 5 was expected to be released last year. Instead, we saw the arrival of Android 4.4. It's that time of year where Google announces new updates at their annual developers conference.Last year they launched 4.4 in September and was available by the 31st of october 
Will Android be updated to version 4.5 or 5? It seems many including TrustedReviews and IBTimes UK are siding with 4.5 while T3 remains with 5.
One thing is for certain, the consensus shows a possible new stripped-down design.  It was going to br called, "Android 4.5 Lollipop," many are sliding towards an emerging new name "Moonshine". Whichever the case may be, Google is still changing up the design hoping to have a more unified layout with its web properties.
According to Android Police, icons will be flatter with hard shadows. The idea is to maintain consistency throughout their platform. Take a look at some of the expected changes below.
Android Police
Others are also wondering about the next generation devices. It is still unclear as the launch of the two nexus devices Nexus 8, and Nexus 10 are expected to be revealed. It is highly unlikely that the next android would be released on a tablet. Maybe its gonna be launched on the nexus 5. Though its being developed by HTC so u can think a HTC One(M8) experience. Keeping the fingers crossed let's wait for Google I/O. 

Thanks to Digital journal, Trusted reviews, T3, IBtimes UK and Android Police for the information 


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