30 April 2014

Google To Replace NEXUS Line with ANDROID SILVER:

Google may be planning to end the NEXUS line soon in order to focus on the Top End Android Market with the Android Silver range. Well all this is according to Google plans to start this program with the US.

"The expensive effort involves dumping the Nexus phone brand in favor of a new program called Silver, under which manufacturers and wireless carriers will be paid to produce and sell high-end devices that closely adhere to Google specifications, according to four people briefed on the project" the report claims.

Google will severely try to restrict the number of non-google apps pre-installed on Android Silver products, in order to reduce the Bloatware. As per Google's mandate, if carriers and manufacturers choose to put their apps on the handset, then the user must be able to uninstall them. However right now u need a rooted device in order to remove the pre-installed apps.

Android Silver products will be provided with the latest software updates and would also have top-end features like advanced voice-recognition and water resistance. These features will help position it better against the Toppers like the Galaxy and iPhone lineup.

These devices would be just like the Google Play Edition which include the top devices by Samsung, HTC and LG  without any customized layer. The Android Silver line would carry a Google badge instead of the manufacturer's.

In the US, the NEXUS and Google Phone Edition devices are available only via the Company's online store. GPE devices are only available in the US but the Silver line will be available in the market with trained employees showing the top feature to the prospective buyers.

The reports say that Google has already roped in LG and Motorola to produce the first Android Silver devices. Other potential partners may be Chinese manufacturers who are trying to enter the high-end segment. The Android Silver line is rumored to surface in 2015. Though it's not clear if the Silver program will be rolled out in markets like India and Brazil, where the telecom carriers do not subsidize smartphones.

So are you up for the Android Silver line or do u still prefer the RAW BEASTS (NEXUS LINE).


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