29 April 2014

50 Google Now Commands

Google now's improved a lot now. Earlier getting it to recognize your voice was a tough job but now it's butter smooth. There are a lot of things one can do with Google Now, trigger it by saying "OK GOOGLE NOW" and here's a list of 50 commands:

1.  What Does My Schedule Look Like?

2.  Where Is My Package? (Works by checking ur mail for ur recent orders)

3.  Text "Contact Name" followed by ur message. Eg: Text Mom I'm on my way.

4.  Remind Me To Get Milk Next Time I'm At Walmart. (U can change the item name n destination)

5.  Email email address (Eg; Then ur message.

6.  How are the Lakers doing ? (It provides u with the position etc)

7.  What is the definition of a "smartphone".

8.  What is the capital of  "Country Name"? (Eg: France, India etc)

9.  What time is it France?

10. What are some attractions in Paris?

11. Show me some pictures of Eiffel tower.

12. Post to Twitter "I want to go to Paris".

13. Open Facebook (Any App Can Be Opened).

14. How much is Mark Zuckerberg Worth ?

15. How old is Mark Zuckerberg ?

16. What's the theme song to The Big Bang Theory ?

17. Who is the cast of Teen Wolf ?

18. What channel is Teen Wolf on ?

19. How long is Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

20. What is the rating of Thor 2 ?

21. What are the showtimes for Amazing Spiderman 2 ?

22. Do a Barrel Roll.

23. How old to gamble in Vegas ?

24. What's the weather in Vegas ?

25. Go to

26. Note to self Recharge Moto G.

27. Make me a sandwich.

28.  How many calories are there in a KitKat ?

29. Banana vs Apple.

30. What are some restaurants nearby ?

31. What are the hours to Pizza Hut (Joint Name) ?

32. Give me directions to Pizza Hut.

33. What is 18% of 53 dollars ?

34.What is the loneliest number ?

35. What is the population of India?

36. What is the minimum wage in California?

37. Tilt.
38. What's Google's stock rate ?

39. When is Mother's Day ?

40. Call Mom.

41. Status of United Flight 274.

42. What is the traffic to LAX ?

43. How do u say "How are you?" in Spanish ?

44.What is 10$ in Rupees ?

45. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood ?

46. What is 3 cups in litres ?

47. What song is this ?

48. Play Marshall Mathers Lp.

49. Wake me up at 8 am tomorrow.

50. What is the answer to Life, Universe and everything ?

Well there are endless possibilities. Google Now is much more functional now. Go ahead give it a try. Enjoy


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