24 July 2014


When Aviate was in its Beta Phase, I was eagerly waiting for the invite and it took long enough. But I got the invite and I tested it in it's Beta phase and honestly, I was kind of disappointing, it felt dull even with the light and dark theme options I wasn't satisfied.

Fast Forward to Today >>>>>>>>>

I'm using Aviate again and it's out of its Beta Phase. It's improved a lot, a lot of new features have been added such as icon pack support, swipe up to see your favorite contacts, widgets support, better menus and i'm in love with the Dark Theme. It feels simpler and much more cleaner. It even has a great number of spaces assigned for work, listening, today etc etc. Its even RAM friendly :)  and supports devices with Android 2.3 and above.

The home screen looks like this with the dark theme:

 These are the SPACES available:
This is the Collections Tab:

and this is what the App Drawer looks like:

In my view Aviate is a must try app and once you get used to it, there's no going back. But everyone has their own choices and android is all about customization. So go ahead and give it a try!! 


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